We are passionate about getting more people on bikes, building confidence by teaching the correct fundamental skills of mountain biking and most importantly having FUN, meeting new people, making friends and inspiring others to reach their goals.
Our skills clinics are taught by certified Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) coaches. BICP is the preferred skills provider for the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). We collectively share the vision of changing lives through mountain biking and setting the global standard for mountain bike skills training and instruction.

Your Instructors

Karen and Fiona

Fiona Williams
BICP Accredited Mountain Bike Skills Instructor and UCI Certified Coach

 I started riding socially around ten years ago with a group of awesome ladies called the Giba Gals, a group I would eventually become the leader of. As all new mountain bikers are, I was a little nervous to start with. Although I had a few falls, they never dissuaded me and I kept going, enjoying being out on the trails and improving every time I rode. I never attended a skills clinic and was pretty much self taught. Eight years into my riding journey I joined a skills course and boy, did I realise how many bad habits I had developed! 
As the leader of the Giba Gals I had always welcomed and encouraged new riders, but was not sure how to teach them what they needed to know.  After realising how much I had actually learned from attending a skills clinic, I decided to become a coach myself. I went on to earn a UCI Coaching Level 1 Certification, followed by a BICP Skills Instructors Certification. I am now able to combine my years of riding experience with my coaching skills and confidently help people to overcome their fears, gain confidence and, most importantly, enable them to have fun on their bikes.  I love riding my bike! Being out with nature, alone or with like-minded people, clears the head and is so good for the soul.
Karen Fortune
BICP Accredited Mountain Bike Skills Instructor and an Artist

Having always ridden a bike as a child I eventually moved away from  it and never rode again until about 15 years ago. I started with a Raleigh from Pick and Pay which was mostly used for riding in the Berg on holidays and we slowly progressed from there. Raleigh led to Silverback then Giant  and finally to Liv. Marathons became my thing and I just loved racing . I joined up with Giba Gals about 7 years ago and learnt a lot riding with them . After many years of racing every event I could afford ,my interest turned to enduro and learning to jump off small pallets etc. The thrill of riding more technical terrain  and getting air with my bike was huge and the bug bit hard. After many small falls and then big falls I realized that maybe my skills were not quite what they should be but there was no real certified coaching available. I did what everyone else did and sat studying YouTube channels at night to try and improve my skills. It.was ok,  helped and little and we all tried to help each other along but it was confusing with so many different techniques and opinions out there. I went to a skills clinic and thinking there was probably not too much I could learn but I’d give it a go. Oh boy, how wrong I was.
One weekend showed me how little I actually knew of the fundamentals of mountain biking and I admit to many red faced moments. It was life changing for me and I just wish I had learnt all of this years ago. I realized I wanted to help people and learn to coach the correct techniques and safe riding skills . I decided to attend the BICP coaching course and I am now able to confidently teach those fundamentals that everyone needs. Looking forward to helping riders improve their skills which will make them faster, safer and way more confident on the trails.


Our Supporters

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